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Type of website:* Personal Company
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How may we be of service to you: full website design
re-design of an existing site
design web graphics for new site
design/update web graphics for existing site
web business logo design
eMail template design
search engine optimisation & promotion
domain name search/registration
domain name hosting
web site hosting
transfer a website to PenRex Designs
other work

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Indicate the pages you will require: contact details
catalogue of product range available
links page to related sites/facebook/twitter etc
what's new
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about us
staff page (e.g. introduce Department Managers)
staff only page (an encrypted staff page with username and password access for memos, latest news or information targeted only to members of your organisation)
faqs (frequently asked questions)
price list/s

List some sites whose layout appeals to you (one web site name/web site address per line): eg. www.penrex.com.au

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Graphics and/or images:
e.g. you will be attending our workplace to take product/office/staff photos, or
e.g. we can provide product/office/staff photos to PenRex Designs via email.

What would you like the site to achieve? eg:
-allow clients access to key details
-show profile to world
-allow a means of communication with new and existing clients
-display products and/or services with the facility to make online purchases

To proceed: To start over again:

We will initially respond via email within 2 business days.
We will prepare 3 draft web design ideas within 7-8 business days.
A written cost estimate will then be provided in .PDF format.

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